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Professional Experience:

Sept. 1999-present Assistant Professor/Student Teacher Supervisor, Central Washington University, Sea-Tac, Washington

Oct. 1997-August, 1999 Grants Manager, for DO-IT (DO-IT 2-4 National Science Foundation and Eisenhower Grant),
Seattle, Washington.

Sept. 1997-present Adjunct Professor, Special Education, Bates Technical College for the Para-educator Training Program (video production), Tacoma, Washington

Sept. 1997-present Adjunct Professor, Special Education, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington

January 1992-August, 1997 Interagency Transition System Specialist
(Adult Services), University of Washington

September 1996-present Adjunct Professor, Special Education, City University, & Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington

January 1992-present Advisor on Disability Issues to People Systems, Inc., (a worker's rehabilitation agency)

January 1986-present Access Consultant/Owner, Affirm Able Action Associates (ADA Consulting) providing expert witness testimony

September 1990 -1992 Pre-Doctoral Teaching Associate I, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

January 1990 -1990 Trainer, Boeing, taught "Managing a Diverse Workforce" (for managers and supervisors)

January 1990 -August 1990 Researcher, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Special Contract, Renton, Washington

October 1985 -December 1985 Actor, Group Theater, Seattle, Washington

July 1979 -January 1992 Civil Rights Investigator, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (handicap discrimination), Seattle, Washington

January 1978 -July 1979 Intern, Disabled Student Counselor, Fort Steilacoom Community College, Tacoma, Washington

September 1970 -June 1976 Special Education Teacher, Highline School District, Seattle, Washington (Highline Evening Learning Program & Middle School Resource Room Teacher

Special Awards:

On November 1 during the 2005 Governor's Awards Program at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond WA, I was honored to receive the Governor's Trophy in Memory of Carolyn Blair Brown Award. The Governor's Trophy is Washington State's highest honor given to recognize a person with a disability who has significantly enhanced the empowerment of individuals with disabilities in the workforce and in the community. This trophy is presented in memory of Carolyn Blair Brown, an early advocate of civil rights for people with disabilities and the first recipient of this award. Governor's Trophy Nominees are rated on their involvement in making positive changes in the disability community at the local, state, and/or national level. Considerations include volunteer activities, community services, recognition from other disability organizations, and dedication to disability issues. I also received a plaque signed by Governor Gregoire.

Excellence In Teaching Award given by the Alumni Association, College of Education and Professional Studies for 2004-2005.

Boards of Directors and Advisory Groups:

The ARC of Washington Trust Fund. The ARC of Washington is a private trust fund that provides money for research and scholarships that enhance the study of developmental disabilities (July, 2001- July 2009)

Washington State Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC), Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Special Education Office, Olympia, Washington (1999-Present)

Steering Committee Member, Superintendent of Public Instruction Strategic Plan Committee, September, 1999-present. Appointed by Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Terry Burgeson.

Review Panel, Journal of Special Education and Technology (JSET), January, (2000-present)

U.S. Department of Education Standing Grant's Panel Member (2000), U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Policy, Washington D. C. Last served on OSERS panel in Summer, 2006.

School-to-work Outreach Project National Advisory Panel, Institute on Community

Integration, College of Education, University of Minnesota, 1995-present

All-Students-School-to-Work Advisory, Office of the Superintendent of Public

Instruction, Olympia, Washington, 1996-present

Washington Comprehensive System of Personnel Development Advisory, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1996-present

Guidance and Counseling Field Task Group, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Olympia, Washington, 1996-present

Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology (DO-IT) Program Advisory Board,
University of Washington, 1995-present

The Governor's Council on School to Work Transition appointed by Governor Mike Lowry, 1993-1997

Advisory Committee for Dental Care of the Disabled, University of Washington,
March 1994-present

Professional Development Advisory Council for the Puget Sound Educational Service District, August 1993-present

Advisory Committee for the Curriculum-Based Self-Determination Project,
University of Washington, December 1992-present

Governing Board for the Vocational Independence Education and Works Supports Project, Washington PAVE, June 1993-present

Governor-Elect Mike Lowry's Transition team (advising on disability-related
transportation issues), December 1992-present

Post-Secondary Task Force on Transition, Puget Sound Educational Service District, July 1992-present

Standing Committee on Accessibility, University of Washington, Jan. 1991-present

Skills and Knowledge for Self-Determination, National Review Panel, Wayne
State University, Detroit, Michigan, June 1992-present

Equal Employment Job Fair Advisory '92, Seattle, Washington, May 1992-present

Washington Association for Vocational Educational Special Needs Personnel,
Program Committee, July 1992-present

Governor's Council for Education Reform and Funding, Ad Hoc Technology
Task Force, April 1992

Washington State Disability Accommodation Revolving Fund Committee, Seattle, Washington, 1987-present

Washington State Ferries, Advisory Board (disability issues), 1988-present

METRO, Elderly and Handicapped Advisory Board, 1988-1990

Vashon-Maury Island Community Council, 1988-1994

Board President, Equal Time (working with disabled Artists), 1986-1988

Board Member, Governor's Committee on the Project on Disabilities in the School of Social Work, University of Washington, 1976-1980

Advisory Member, "Who Lives Next Door?" (TV program on disability issues) 1975

Advisory Board Member on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,
Highline School District, 1976

President, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington, 1969-1970


    Washington Vocational Association
    Washington Association for Vocational Education Special Needs Personnel
    Paralyzed Veterans of America
    Council for Exceptional Children
    Washington Association of Educators of the Hearing Impaired
    Washington Association of Postsecondary Educators of the Disabled
    Association on Higher Education and the Disabled
    University of Washington Alumni Association


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