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About Affirm Able Action Associates

Dr. started Affirm Able Action Associates to provide businesses, institutions and governments with the information and direction needed to conform to the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act.

As a person of disability, Dr. offers a unique perspective in identifying and solving your disability related concerns.

He has assisted over 150 school districts, colleges, and educational service districts in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska in conducting access reviews, policy evaluations, and in developing programs to eliminate discrimination. Additionally, Dr. has served as a disability expert witness in many court cases.

AAAA is a WMBE Certified subcontractor.

AAAA is the first and only small educational consulting firm in Washington State to be included in the Directory of Certified Minority, Women's and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises under the disability related criteria.

Affirm Able Action Associates covers a broad range of needs

Dr. associates include experts in specific issues related to IEP's, sexual harassment, reauthorization of IDEA, Section 504, Title IX athletics, discrimination, student discipline, equity, expert witness testimony, affirmative action and EEO, and other disability related legal issues.

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