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What Is Affirm Able Action Associates?

We are a public service company dedicated to providing quality consultation on:

  • Providing professional expert witness testimony and research on ADA and disability-related legal issues.
  • General ADA compliance review assistance
  • Developing transition plans
  • Developing self-evaluation plans
  • Facility accessibility planning, project prioritization and remodeling assistance
  • State and Federal access codes
  • Disability awareness seminars for all staff
  • Determining reasonable accommodations in the workplace
  • Providing resources on specialized building products
  • Implementing Americans with Disabilities Act compliance regulations
  • ADA task force meeting facilitation
  • In addition to ADA consulting AAAA can provide diversity training seminars that address the issues of sexual harassment and gender, race, age, and disability discrimination.

Disability Access helps businesses avoid costly fines for compliance with the government ADA act.

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